Gold Sponsor: Shape Fortify

Once again, thank you Shape Fortify for their generous sponsorship to our upcoming event, “8.18 Just Sing It Mini Concert!”

If you are having a hard to lose weight, you should consider a better trainer that will monitor and work closely with you. Let me explain why this is important. A few years ago, I hired a personal trainer, but those training courses I had, actually harm my muscles and postures, which took me a long time to recover. Luckily, I met Magnolia, unlike any other trainer, her techniques are unique! She target each of her students with custom exercises and movement that helps strengthen their muscles, at the same time she keep their body, mind and spirit to stay positive and healthy! I’m able to eat whatever I want and stay fit too! Working hard in the gym doesn’t mean you will lose weight fast, but doing it correctly will benefit you down the road.

Contact Shape Fortify now and start fresh!

Contact: Magnolia Ng @ (416) 716-8980