Meet our team

Betty Ng

Betty Ng, graduated in BSc computer science. Since Betty was a kid, she always enjoys being on stage and as stage manager. She has partcipated in different kind of dramas, singing contests, concerts etc. From script writing, program arrangement and stage management, to acting and singing, these are all her passion and spent the most time after work. She believes in Work hard Play harder. During her work time, she works in a major bank as a production support Manager. As a manager, Betty is known for able to multitasking, manage any unexpected situation, as well as a team player. All these experiences allow Betty to be successful in the BetNet production business.

Janet Chau

Janet Chau, graduated with interior design, worked as an art director and wedding photographer. She was also a Radio program host for 5 years in a well known Chinese radio station in Toronto. She also involves in drama and singing performance from time to time. Her friends and clients sometimes called her ‘super woman’ cuz she can be very hands on , creative and efficient. As she is very passionate in the production business, her commitment to clients is to make sure every aspect of the event goes smoothly and beyond. At her spare time, she will be spending time with her other half and taking care of her family. She likes cooking and traveling with her loved ones.